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News and Updates

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S.No. Tax Type Category Subject Number Date
1  Value Added Tax  Return and Challan Circular: Dealer Circular 10- ITC Mismatch for the year 2011-12 F.16(95)TAX-CCT-2014-15-2545 27/08/2014
2  Value Added Tax  Rules-VAT Circular: Dealer Circular-9 Regarding Rate of Tax on Marble and granite. F.16(95)CCT-14-15-2523 26/08/2014
3  Value Added Tax  Rules-VAT Circular: Circular-2 Regarding Appeal against stay orders, stay vacation F.16(97)Tax-CCT-14-15-2518 25/08/2014
4  Central Sales Tax  Miscellaneous Invalid C or F forms F.11(1)Tax-CCT-2013-2507 25/08/2014
5  Value Added Tax  Miscellaneous Tender: CORRIGENDUM Bid from Single Source for Enhancements in RAJVISTA Application and CTD Web Portal on Time and Material Basis F.(193)-CTD-VAT-IT-1359 25/08/2014
6  Value Added Tax  Rules-VAT Circular: Dealer Circular-8 Instructions to fill New Form VAT 10. F.16(95)Tax-CCT-2014-15-2510 25/08/2014
7  Value Added Tax  Lumpsum Tax Circular: Circular-1 Option for payment of lump sum in lieu of tax. F.16(97)Tax-CCT-14-15-2499 22/08/2014
8     Tender: CORRIGENDUM Enhancements in RAJVISTA Application and CTD Web Portal on Time an Material Basis F.(193)-CTD-VAT-IT-1347 21/08/2014
9  Value Added Tax  Lumpsum Tax Circular: Option for Payment of LumpSum in lieu of Tax F.16(95)TAX-CCT-14-15-2478 19/08/2014
10  Value Added Tax  Return and Challan Circular: Revised return form VAT10 and Option for Composition Scheme u.s.5 year 2014-15 No.F16(95)Tax-CCT-14-15-2455 14/08/2014
11  Value Added Tax  Return and Challan Notification By CCT: Last date for e-Return filing for Annual Return(VAT-10A) FY-2012-2013 has been extended till 15-September-2014 F.26(315)ACCT-MEA-2014-595 13/08/2014
12     Tender: Invitation of Proposal for DSC procurement F.(197)-CTD-VAT-IT-DSC-14-15-1331 12/08/2014
13  Value Added Tax  Miscellaneous Circular: Relaxation in conditions of Composition Schemes F.16(95)TAX-CCT-14-15-2430 08/08/2014
14  Value Added Tax  Miscellaneous Circular: Waiver Of Interest F.16(95)TAX-CCT-14-15-2428 08/08/2014
15  Value Added Tax  Return and Challan Advertisement: Dealer need not to submit Hard Copy 08/08/2014

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